1. What is the engineering>workwith

The engineering>workwith is a new resource aiming to resolve the long-term challenges around UK competitiveness. By encouraging engineering employers, professionals and educators to work closer together, the engineering>workwith facilitates collaboration to increase the quality and quantity of engineering talent and innovation.

It brings together in one place; advice, such as ‘How to Mentor Engineering Students’; downloadable resources such as internship contracts; and case studies. Success stories and best practice have been carefully sourced to ensure a disciplinary and geographical range.

2. Where did the engineering>workwith come from?

In 2013 the Perkins’ Review Task and Finish group for Higher Education and Employment set out to deliver a call to action to engineering employers, professional bodies, educators and government to increase the supply and quality of engineering skills. The review recommended the National Centre create an “active central Hub to enable sharing of good practice and case studies between universities, businesses and students”.

3. Who maintains the engineering>workwith?

Funded by BIS (now the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) the National Centre developed the engineering>workwith to engage and inspire; using rich content such as filmed student interviews, research, and business legislation. 

With support from the 36 Professional Engineering Institutes organisations such as the Royal Academy of Engineering and EngineeringUK, and National Centre business and university members, the engineering>workwith provides a comprehensive, sector-wide resource.

4. What can the engineering>workwith do for me?

The engineering>workwith is more than a useful repository of information and advice. It is a solution to business problem of connecting with the right person at a university.

The engineering>workwith offers a ‘connect function’ which intelligently provides the contact information needed to start a conversation between a business and university. Based on your current location or postcode, the connect function returns the contact details for the right person in the right place. So, if you’re a business in Birmingham looking to take part in a careers event, the engineering>workwith will connect you with the person responsible for employability events at Aston University, Birmingham City, and the University of Birmingham.

5. How can I get involved in the engineering>workwith?

Launched as a Beta, the engineering>workwith will continue to work with professional bodies, employers and universities to build the content and improve the usefulness of the site.

So take a look, and let us know what you think. If you know of any great content or sources of information that might be relevant to the engineering>workwith, or want to update the details for your organisation, do drop us a line at engineering.workwith@ncub.co.uk.

Connect with an expert at a university